About us

Established in 2009, for the purpose of introducing Polypropylene Vent Systems to the North American market, Centrotherm Eco Systems is a member of the Ubbink Centrotherm Group (UCG).

Ubbink was founded in the Netherlands in 1896. In 1976, Centrotherm Systemtechnik was established in Brilon, Germany, and in 1998, CENTROTEC Sustainable AG was formed as its parent holding company. Ubbink was acquired by Centrotec Sustainable AG in 2000 and combined with Centrotherm to form the Ubbink-Centrotherm Group. The UCG is the building products division of CENTROTEC, one of Europe’s leading manufacturers of a variety of sustainable building solutions. Today, the UCG has subsidiaries in the United Kingdom, France, Italy, Belgium, The Netherlands, Germany and China.

Now, Centrotherm Eco Systems produces its InnoFlue® Vent Systems, BlitzFlex® air-intake systems, and accessories based on a wealth of technical know-how and experience accumulated over time. Field proven for over 20 years, it has been installed and is performing successfully in millions of homes in the North American and European markets today.

Centrotherm Eco Systems supplies its InnoFlue® Vent Systems, BlitzFlex® air-intake systems, and accessories to heating professionals through heating and plumbing wholesalers, as well as commercial spec. representatives, and OEMs.

Centrotherm Eco Systems also designs, produces, and delivers internal equipment components to many OEMs of high efficiency boilers, tankless water heaters, and furnaces. The following catalog pages describe our standard products available today. We are looking forward to your feedback and input to help keep our products on the cutting edge of technology, simplicity, and ease of installation. Since 2009, a customer focused approach has positioned Centrotherm as the most trusted name in vent manufacturing.

This relentless attention to customer needs has driven Centrotherm to be the innovation and safety leader in flue gas venting and combustion air.

InnoFlue® polypropylene vent systems and the recent addition of BlitzFlex air-intake systems combine to create a full venting solution for residential and commercial applications. Centrotherm is committed to venting safely through the expansion of education, adoption, and regulation.

Centrotherm has set a tradition of groundbreaking industry firsts, including

  • ULC-S636 and UL-1738 listed vent system
  • Vent manufacturer to earn ISO 9001:2015
  • North American extrusion of polypropylene vent systems
  • Dedicated air-intake systems
  • 1/4” per foot pitch
  • 10’ effective vent lengths
  • Commercial diameter vent products
Centrotherm is the right choice for wholesale distributors, engineers, OEMs, and installers.