Why InnoFlue®?

Across North America home owners, building owners, contractors, distributors, engineers and original equipment manufacturers are asking for InnoFlue®. These stake holders trust InnoFlue® to provide them with a safe, reliable and environmentally sustainable vent system. InnoFlue® provides these benefits all while reducing installation time by up to 75%.

InnoFlue® is manufactured from environmentally friendly polypropylene. Our polypropylene technology is warranted for sustained flue gases up to 248°F (120°C), providing enhanced performance properties when compared to PVC and CPVC technology.

Designed as a vent system, not a DWV product, InnoFlue® offers intuitive components such as test ports, condensate drains and siphons. These components eliminate the need to “field modify your vent system” in order to analyze combustion gas or simply to remove excess condensate from the system.

Centrotherm utilizes a systems-based approach to venting. The InnoFlue® product offering includes single wall, flexible and concentric vent system components. These interchangeable components allow users to switch between component types providing a solution for nearly every type of structure. Offset chimneys? No problem – switch from InnoFlue® Single Wall to InnoFlue® Flex at the base of the chimney. Only want one roof or wall penetration?  Run InnoFlue® Single Wall to the roof or wall and convert to an InnoFlue® Concentric Termination. Have multiple heating appliances in the same mechanical room or structure? Utilize our cascade technology to common vent the units.