The InnoFlue® Challenge

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What is the InnoFlue® Challenge?

The InnoFlue® Challenge is a distributor point of sale promotion providing contractors with first hand experience on InnoFlue’s® installation advantages. Contractors compete on a pre-defined course with InnoFlue® or PVC. The fastest time per event wins a local prize and is qualified to win the North American Grand Prize.

Who can compete in the InnoFlue® Challenge?

The InnoFlue® Challenge is open to professional contractors. Parties related to participating distributors, Centrotherm manufacturers’ representatives and Centrotherm employees are not eligible. For an InnoFlue® Challenge entry form click here or pick one up at any event location.

Where can I compete in the InnoFlue® Challenge?

Contractors can compete at participating stocking distributor locations. View the updated list on this web page or contact your local Centrotherm Representative for dates and locations.

What prizes can a contestant win?

A $200 Visa Gift Card is awarded to the fastest installation of InnoFlue® or PVC at each InnoFlue® Challenge event with five or more participants.  The fastest North American installation of InnoFlue® wins a trip for four to Germany for five days and four nights.

How is my installation time determined?

Contractors are self timed using Centrotherm provided equipment. Contractors start the clock and proceed to install the vent system. Upon completion they stop the clock. Installations are then inspected by a Centrotherm Representative. If an installation is found to be non-compliant with the products’ installation instructions the contractor will be asked to restart the clock and make required corrections.

How do I know how my time compares to others?

Each event will post contractor times on their leader board. All participant times at local events are reported to Centrotherm. The best North American times will be posted on the Centrotherm website leader board.

What are the InnoFlue® Challenge Rules?

For a complete listing of the InnoFlue® Challenge Rules click here. InnoFlue® Challenge Rules will be posted at each event.

I am a distributor interested in hosting the InnoFlue® Challenge, how do I sign up?

For more information on hosting an InnoFlue® Challenge event, contact Centrotherm at (877)-424-3431 or email You may also contact your local manufacturer’s representative. For a distributor registration form click here.