InnoFlue® trp_7620Flex

Material & Construction

InnoFlue® Flex uses industry leading, flame retardant polypropylene technology to construct single wall, gasketed, flexible vent pipes and accessories. InnoFlue® Flex’s dynamic product line provides superior corrosion protection throughout. Lightweight polypropylene eliminates installation fatigue associated with most common venting materials, making it easy. The flexible properties of the Vent Length allow for the rapid lining of chimneys with offsets up to 45°. InnoFlue® is ULC-S636 listed at zero clearance to combustibles, making it approved for use in Canada.

Flexible Vent Lengths and fittings are joined using high performance EPDM H1 gaskets which are suitable for service pressures up to 20 inches of water column (5000Pa) and are resistant to corrosive condensate. 3″ and 4″ diameter Flex Vent Lengths have rigid sections every 2 feet. These rigid male sections can be inserted into any InnoFlue® Single Wall socket and allow for the easy transition between Single Wall and Flex. Once Centrocerin (installation lubricant) has dried the gaskets provide firm junctions between components.

InnoFlue® Flex is used to vent individual appliances. InnoFlue® Flex is commonly combined with InnoFlue® Single Wall but can also be combined with InnoFlue® Concentric. For more information on system configurations, visit the InnoFlue® Flex Solutions page.


Diameters: 2″ (60mm), 3″ (80mm), 4″ (110mm)

Available Lengths:IFVL02
•2″ Diameter

150′ Continuous Length
25′ Kit
35′ Kit
Custom Cut to Order

•3″ Diameter

150′ Continuous Length
25′ Kit
35′ Kit
Custom Cut to Order

•4″ Diameter

80′ Continuous Length
25′ Kit
35′ Kit
Custom Cut to Order


Suitable for U.S. Category II and IV or Canadian Type Gas Vent BH, Class II heating equipment:

Gas Fired – 230°F (110°C) Max Flue Gas Temp

Appliance Type: Condensing Boilers, Furnaces, Tankless Water Heaters & Tanked Water Heaters

Oil Fired – 248°F (120°C) Max Flue Gas Temp

Appliance Type: Condensing Boilers, Furnaces, Tankless Water Heaters & Tanked Water Heaters


• 2+mm thick rigid polypropylene
• EPDM Gaskets with an H1 pressure rating (5000Pa).
• PPs gray composition up to 4″ (110mm) diameter.
All InnoFlue® products have passed relevant UV testing for vent systems.

Features & Benefits



  • Handles up to 45° degree offsets
  • Multiple flex liners can share a single chase

Continuous Lengths up to 150′


  • Prevents risk of joint failure
  • Eliminates cure time, speeding up installations



  • Product can be hand carried eliminating the need for lifts

Rigid Sections Every 2′


  • Rigid sections incorporated in 3″ and 4″ diameters allow Flex to fit into any Single Wall Vent Length or fitting.
  • Limits waste to a maximum of 2′


Components should be stored in a clean, dry environment in their original packaging. InnoFlue® Flex should be stored above 32°F (0°C).

Health and Safety

For more information on the health and safety benefits of using InnoFlue®, please view our Health and Safety page. Where installation of a InnoFlue® involves working at a height, a full risk assessment must be conducted and appropriate safety measures put into place.


Installation of InnoFlue® does not require any special tools. Centrotherm recommends that the material temperature is not less than 32°F (0°C) during installation.


Pipes are joined by push-fit connections, with EPDM or Viton gaskets located in the sockets. Pipes and components must be installed with their socket ends to the outlet and male ends to the appliance.


  • Lubricate seals and male parts of pipes with Centrocerin lubricant or water only.
  • Push male end of pipe into opening with light twisting movement.


Components should be selected to minimize cutting. Where cutting is necessary, pipe sections can be cut to length at male end (non-socketed end). Any cuts must be made at right angles to the pipe.

Pipe can be beveled for insertion into the adjoining socket to ease installation. All field cuts must be deburred. Elbows and other fittings must not be cut.

For complete InnoFlue® Installation Instructions visit the Literature Section and download the Installation Manual.

Appliance Start-Up

Once InnoFlue® installation is complete the heating system and flue should be commissioned following the boiler manufacturer’s instructions. There is no cure time or wait time required.