Vent Pitch

Male ends of all components must point and pitch back towards the appliance to assure free condensate flow to the Condensate Drain of the appliance.

Diamaters 2″, 3″ & 4″ with Long Sockets (Designated with Asterisk (*) post fix)

Vent Lengths with an asterisk (*) post fix in the SKU used ina horizontal vent configuration must be pitched towards the appliance and at an angle of no less than one 1° or 1/4″ /ft. To use this reduced pitch, all vent lengths in the horizontal run must be of the long socket design which is indicated by the asterisk (*) post fix.

While you may mix standard and long socket pipes, if they are mixed in a horizontal run, that section must be at an angle no less than 3° or 5/8 /ft (5.6cm/m).

Diamaters 2″, 3″, 4″, 5″, 6″, 8″, 10″ & 12″ with standard sockets

Horizontal vent configurations must be pitched towards the appliance and at an angle of no less than 3° or 5/8″/ft (5.6cm/m).

Why InnoFlue®?

Ease of Installation

InnoFlue® uses gasketed connections, eliminating the need for VOC containing primers and adhesives. That means that in addition to potentially gaining LEED’s® points, InnoFlue® can be rapidly assembled and adjusted post installation.


Simply apply a small amount of Centrocerin, our water based lubricant, to either the pipe or gasket and push the components together. Parts can be swiveled after assembly, even with our Connector Rings locking components together. Want to disassemble the system? Hold the Connector Ring in place, and the system can be taken apart.


*InnoFlue also includes the weight of a socket. PVC/CPVC may require use of a coupler. Use of a coupler would increase PVC/CPVC weight per foot.

What does this mean for the Installer?

  • No more VOC containing Glues and Adhesives
  • No more mechanical room floor replacements, heating appliance cabinet replacements or other cleaning bills associated with spilling of PVC primers and glues
  • No more roughing in the system only to have to take it apart and reassemble it
  • Don’t worry about forgetting to glue a joint or having the joint set before it is positioned
  • Fire your appliance upon completion of the installation, not after a 24-hour waiting period

InnoFlue® demonstrates installation savings of up to 75% and regularly offers 50% savings on Single Wall applications.

costsavingsInnoFlue® Flex can reduce ½ day installations into as little as 15 minutes while eliminating the cost of lift rentals. InnoFlue® Flex’s light weight makes it easy to handle. Continuous lengths up to 150′ allow for even the longest chases to be lined. Offsets? No problem! InnoFlue® Flex can handle multiple offsets up to 45° in a single chase.

What does this mean for the Distributor?

InnoFlue® is a compelling replacement for PVC, CPVC and in certain applications stainless steel vent systems.

  • Consolidate 3 product lines into one. Eliminate excess SKU’s and the need to carry hazardous glues and primers.
  • InnoFlue® is ULC-S636 listed. Distributors no longer have to sell unlisted products for venting applications, reducing liability exposure.
  • Provide contractors with a lower installed cost. InnoFlue® provides substantial labor savings, often resulting in a lower installed cost when compared to competing polymeric vent options.
  • Feel good knowing you are helping the environment. Made from environmentally responsible polypropylene, the use of InnoFlue® results in reduced heavy metal, chloride and dioxin emissions when compared to alternative polymeric vent technology.