Air Excellent

The New Air Management System from Centrotherm.


A new day in air management has dawned. Providing the highest indoor air quality has become a major consideration for everyone involved in the construction process - especially the eventual homeowner.

The air we all breathe has a tremendous impact on our overall health, and Centrotherm's new Air Excellent Air Management System provides draft-free, noiseless fresh air supply to living spaces and efficient stale air exhaust from kitchens and bathrooms. Additionally. Air Excellent contributes to energy efficient homes and creates better overall environmental footprint. 


Don't let breathing be an afterthought when designing your dream home. Indoor air quality management has never been a higher priority or a simpler fix.  

Air Excellent provides for flexibility of design to assure the freshest air is supplied to your living spaces noise-free, and with precisely balanced exhaust.


Design limitations have been erased. Air Excellent is a fully configurable systems with flexible vents, Air Excellent allows for complete customization. Take a look at the Air Excellent Configurator to see how the system is engineered to provide balanced air transfer through a faster and simpler installation. 


Snap-fit and that's it. Air Excellent simply clicks together to form an air-tight seal. Flexiblbe ductwork, seal kits, and configured distribution boxes allow for quick system installation to provide the highest indoor air quality to the end-user. Build it the best way you can with Air Excellent.

Watch our installation videos and see how easily the Air Excellent air management system comes together. 



Air Excellent's balanced air flow technology assures the highest indoor air quality in your home. Maximize the efficiency of your HRV/ERV appliance through dedicated supply/return ventilation systems that resist microbes and bacteria. Find out more about Air Excellent's health benefits by clicking here.