Single Wall FAQ

Why is InnoFlue® sloped back towards the appliance?

InnoFlue® Polypropylene Special Gas Vent Systems are intended for use on condensing heating appliances. Condensing appliances generate one gallon of condensate per hour per hundred thousand BTUs. A pitched system ensures that condensate does not build up inside the vent system. Pooled condensate creates back pressure and leads to the forced shut down of the heating appliance.

What is the required slope of an InnoFlue® Vent System?

InnoFlue® SW Residential (diameters 2"-5") requires a slope of 1° or 1/4″ per foot.
InnoFlue® SW Commercial (diameters 6"-12") requires a slope of 3° or 5/8″ per foot.

Why does polypropylene require a greater slope than other polymeric vent systems?

InnoFlue® Polypropylene Special Gas Vent Systems are a gasketed system and does not use any primers or glue. Slope ensures that acidic condensates do not come in contact with the gasket.

Why use a gasketed system over a glued system?

InnoFlue®'s gasket technology allows for the rapid installation of the system. InnoFlue® can be installed without roughing in the system or penciling the elbow locations as InnoFlue® components can be rotated in place and disassembled. The use of gasketed vent systems reduce installation time by up to 75% when compared to glued systems.

Heating appliances connected to InnoFlue® can be fired upon completion of the vent system unlike glued systems which require a 24-hour curing period.

What is an effective length compared to an overall length?

InnoFlue® is sold in effective lengths of 1′, 2′, 3′, 6′ and 10'. Effective length is the distance between the male end and the beginning of the female socket. Overall length includes the socket. When assembling/laying-out a system, always utilize the effective length.

Are Connector Rings required on all installations?

Connector Rings are required for an installation of 2″ through 5″ diameter InnoFlue® to be UL-1738 and ULC-S636 compliant. Centrotherm strongly recommends the use of connector rings on all installations. Diameters 6″ and larger do not require the use of connector rings.

Can I field cut InnoFlue®?

InnoFlue® Polypropylene Special Gas Vent Systems can be field cut to length using a hacksaw and miter box or equivalent. InnoFlue® must be cut on the male end of the pipe, preserving the socketed (female) end. After making a cut, the end can be beveled at the contractor’s discretion. The end must be deburred using a standard deburring tool or sand paper.

Can InnoFlue® be painted?

Yes, the exterior of InnoFlue® can be painted. Please follow the surface preparation specified by the paint manufacturer.