10 Year Warranty


InnoFlue® Single Wall Residential, Flex and Concentric Polypropylene Special Gas Vent Systems are backed by our industry leading 10-year limited warranty, providing additional security to all of our customers.

Centrotherm was the first North American polymeric vent system manufacturer to offer such an extensive warranty program. This warranty comes standard with every installation completed by a professional contractor. The warranty provides for material replacement in the case of defective product.


Centrotherm carefully inspects all of our vent lengths and fittings from raw material to finished product. All of our manufacturing facilities are ISO certified to ensure optimum quality is achieved every time.

As an industry leader, Centrotherm is committed to research and development. R&D labs are maintained in Germany, the Netherlands and the United States.

Polypropylene is more ductile than alternative polymeric vent systems, making InnoFlue® highly resistant to pipe damage from installation abuse, including cold weather drops and exposure to chemicals.

Gasketed connections allow for thermal expansion and contraction in the vent system. This eliminates cracked joints and pipes associated with glued joints. The pitch ensures that the system will not leak condensates