Quick Guides

Download these handy PDFs and get started installing InnoFlue quickly and correctly.

Centrotherm offers a wide variety of quick set-up guides designed to get you installing InnoFlue quickly and safely.


Full Installation Quick Guide

Centrotherm InnoFlue Quick Guides combine the catalog, the installation instructions and feature a library of QR codes - everything you need to quickly get started installing InnoFlue.


Appliance Adaptor Quick Guide

The proper adaptor is a critical part of a flue gas vent installation. Use the handy adaptor quick guides below to get started!


Condensate Management & Cascade Quick Guide

Cascading (or common venting) heating appliances is an exceptionally efficient flue gas venting methodology. Download our Condensate Management/Cascade Quick Guide at the link below. 


B-Vent / Retrofit Quick Guide

Save time and money by retrofitting an existing B-Vent. InnoFlue installations can often utilize existing construction without creating additional penetrations. Download our B-Vent Retrofit Quick Guide below!