"Working with the Centrotherm team has been a great experience. I receive consistent and timely order confirmations. Centrotherm is really good at keeping me up to date on my order status, and alerting me if there are any issues. They have gone above and beyond in getting parts out in a pinch when needed and their out-of-office coverage is superb. I get immediate responses advising when someone is out of the office and then receive proper follow up from whomever is providing coverage. And, hats off to the Centrotherm logistics team. A couple of weeks ago, we had a re-weigh issue from a carrier and Centrotherm‘s shipping team promptly provided all of the necessary docs so our 3PL could get the rate corrected."

Leah Sorenson
Logistics Manager
Galesburg, IL

"Centrotherm’s InnoFlue product is easy to work with and installs very easily, saving time on each job. And, having the InnoFlue product readily available, along with their US engineering and manufacturing, ensures prompt delivery of vent material when you need it."

Kim N. Sherman
President / Owner
McDonough Mechanical Services, Inc.
Wekaugen, IL

"Our reasoning for utilizing the Centrotherm InnoFlue® product is quite simple. For the installer: Ease of installation, lighter product. For the estimator: Lowers installation costs, as well as we really like the fact that the rigid InnoFlue® vent system can be installed inside of an existing chimney without the need for supports for a length of 164’ when utilizing a base support. Additionally, the Centrotherm web site is easy to navigate."

Chris Hartwell
Plumbing and Hydronics Estimator
Reggin Technical Services, Inc.
Calgary, AB

"When we needed to do a vent system replace, InnoFlue® became the perfect option. Not only was the product well supported by the team that represents the line, but it also installed quickly and easily, helping the installation go smoothly. InnoFlue®  is very lightweight, and the directional gasketed system is superior to gluing, priming, and other options that require the use of harsh chemicals. I’ll use InnoFlue®  on anything that I can."

Matthew Grimard
Sales Engineer
American Combustion Industries
Glenn Dale MD

"As the owner and proprietor of a heating installation service, InnoFlue® is my go-to vent choice. Anything that InnoFlue® will work on, I use InnoFlue® on. I spec it, I buy, I install it, and I stand by it. InnoFlue® saves me time and money on every job, and knowing that it is a listed vent helps me sleep at night."

Martin Callahan
Martin’s Plumbing Service
Holliston MA

"I have used the Centrotherm InnoFlue® venting systems in various small size applications, and more recently installed a 10″ Centrotherm InnoFlue® venting system at our Wall Centre Central Park project located in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. The two 10″ boiler vents were installed vertically through two levels with a short horizontal offset and included a termination kit at the building exterior.

The piping schematic we provided prior to ordering allowed for the order to include only what was required, including the appropriate 1′ to 6′ long pipe sections. As a result of the various pipe lengths that are available, there was a minimal amount of waste, which is encouraged on a LEED project such as this, and it was obviously more cost effective due to the fact that long sections of pipe do not need to be purchased then cut off and discarded. The simple hub with gasket design and extremely light weight of the Centrotherm InnoFlue® venting system made the installation quick and easy, leading to labor cost savings. We would recommend the Centrotherm InnoFlue® venting systems and look forward to using it again on future projects."

Neils Bye-Jenson
Dan Jen Mechanical LTD
Richmond, BC

"On a recent installation, InnoFlue® literally made the previously impossible possible. The Flex liner provides a retro-fit option that makes tricky installations quicker and simpler than other vent options. I’ve personally used InnoFlue® Flex dozens of times, and it’s my go-to choice for b-vent and retro-fit chimney installations. InnoFlue® saves me money and time on difficult jobs."

Shaun Giesbrecht
Matrix Contracting, Inc.
Surrey, BC

"I’ve used the InnoFlue® Flex venting to retrofit b-vents about a dozen times now, and it’s the vent of choice for me. The easy installation makes for a much quicker time at the job-site, thereby saving money. Not having to prime & glue each separate piece makes this type of application extremely simple, and keeps me coming back to InnoFlue®."

Andrew Marshall
All American Heating, Inc.
Breckenridge, CO

"InnoFlue®  is very user-friendly. It’s easy to put together and work with. It’s a great design. Using InnoFlue®, compared to PVC, saves you steps during installation, and therefore saves you time at every job, which equates directly to saved dollars. My company does commercial jobs installing boilers, and InnoFlue® is our vent of choice."

Chris Peoples
EL Pruitt Co
Decatur, Il

"As an HVAC contractor, I only use Centrotherm polypropylene venting material because it is rated to 230º as opposed to PVC which is only rated to 140º. The added cost of materials is offset by the ease of installation.  With the snap ring locking clips, gasketed fittings, and the multitude of termination options, Centrotherm makes for a quick, easy and professional looking installation."

David A. Colligan
Sierra Mechanical, Inc.
Colorado Springs, CO

"Compared to other vent materials, InnoFlue®, at a minimum, saves me 1/3 of the time. Time is money, and InnoFlue® ensures a much lower installed cost when the job is completed, especially on vertical installations. No glues, no primers, no mess, and the run comes together quickly and easily. We carry InnoFlue® Flex in the truck because that’s the best option for venting chimneys. I’ve been using InnoFlue® for six years, and I love it because it’s specifically manufactured to vent boilers. The peace of mind knowing that this product is made precisely for the installations I am doing makes it my go-to venting choice."

Robert O’Brien
Technical Heating Company

"InnoFlue® Flex is fantastic. We love using the flex for retrofitting purposes because it saves an incredible amount of time. On a recent installation, we installed five InnoFlue® Flex liners through an existing b-vent. Using other vent materials, it would have been a full day install, but with InnoFlue® Flex, we were able to complete the run in only an hour. The labor savings and peace of mind that InnoFlue®  brings really makes it the right vent for the job."

Brandon Huber
Harris Dudley Company

"We do a lot of contracting in prisons where time on the job-site is especially important. InnoFlue® is very light, and it is quicker and easier to install than PVC. It saves us time, money, and effort every time. The bigger the job, the larger the savings. Due to the weight of polypropylene, we’re not wearing our guys out by making them carry heavy PVC vents and the comprehensive product line of InnoFlue® makes retrofitting vent systems simple and cost-effective. It’s the vent of choice for us."

Andy Picard
Project Manager
East Coast Water Systems

"As a former technician with lots of experience installing boilers and furnaces, InnoFlue® is the go-to product. It installs faster than the competition, and can be manipulated prior to setting because there are no glues or primers to mess with, and the gasketed system supported by the connector ring ensures a tight and safe seal. It’s extremely lightweight and easy to use. InnoFlue® is the vent material of choice.  It’s the best."

Steve Cote
WinSupply – Bangor

"Centrotherm makes a wonderful product. I was relining an 80′ chimney in a church, Centrotherm allowed us to do the job in a way that is aesthetically pleasing and economical. The flexible liner was both flexible and rugged at the same time…Just like the installer"

Joseph J Unis
Earl J Unis and Son Inc.

"We use InnoFlue® exclusively since EMCO started stocking it a few years ago. It’s cheaper than CPVC and the labor savings over PVC make InnoFlue® the obvious choice. InnoFlue® is easier to stock, keep, and transport – everything about it simpler and superior than the competition"

Dan Mohr
Mohr Mechanical

"InnoFlue® is awesome. We use it in the lab all the time. Competitor’s products have issues fitting together, and we never have that issue with Centrotherm. One of the big benefits of InnoFlue® is the zero clearance to combustibles rating; you never have to worry what you’re coming in contact with. Using InnoFlue® provides a piece of mind that you’re using a product that is rated specifically for the flue gas that you’ll be venting"

Michael LaVigne
Senior Mechanical Engineer
Energy Kinetics

"I’ve been installing Centrotherm products for almost seven years. I like it because there is no glue involved. It’s very easy to install, the connector rings are very simple to work with. I must have done 300 boilers with InnoFlue®. Whenever I get a new boiler, I use the InnoFlue product and I recommend it to all the plumbers I work with"

Dominic Riemma
ABCO Builders & Energy Management

"We’ve been using InnoFlue®  for three years, and I’ve been using it more and more, and exclusively on any boiler installation. The product’s versatility is just awesome, that’s what takes the cake. Using InnoFlue® makes it so easy to plan an installation and make any needed adjustments. For sure, InnoFlue® is the best choice for venting"

Walter Kowal
Canadian Infloor Radiant Solutions

"Compared to the other options, InnoFlue®’s installation is quicker and much easier. The connector ring system is the best on the market, and it’s the product I use on all my installations. I’ve told colleagues the same thing because I strongly believe in the effectiveness of the InnoFlue® product. The continuing quality combined with training keeps me coming back. The simplicity of installing with the Centrotherm kits, and easily transitioning from rigid pipe to flexible, are also other factors that I like. With venting, you’re playing with people’s lives, and you have to use the best, most reliable product on the market, and that’s InnoFlue®. Additionally, time is money. So when you can cut the pipe, make the connection, and move right on, you waste no time"

Gibson White
Gibson Air Mechanical Inc.

"We vent a lot of 95% boilers, and most people like to vent up through their chimney. It’s nice to have the flexible kit because they’re fast and easy to install. You don’t have to worry about glue joints, you just drop it straight down the chimney and you’re done"

And, I absolutely save money using Centrotherm products. Messy primers cost time and money. I just feel more confident using InnoFlue®.

Craig Barzelatto
Richie Bros. Heating & Air Conditioning