The Centrotherm Story


History of the UCG

  • 1896 | Ubbink The Netherlands founded in Doesburg
  • 1939 | Ubbink listed on the Amsterdam Stock Exchange.
  • 1959 | Ubbink Belgium founded.
  • 1976 | Ubbink United Kingdom founded.
  • 1992 | Ubbink France founded.
  • 1994 | Centrotherm Germany founded
  • 2000 | Centrotec acquires Ubbink. Centrotherm Italy founded.
  • 2009 | Ubbink Centrotherm Group & Centrothem USA founded
  • 2014 | Centrotherm China founded.
  • 2019 | IVT Germany is acquired by the Ubbink Centrotherm Group

Facts & Figures

Centrotherm is part of the Ubbink Centrotherm Group and together with its sister companies Ubbink, IVT and Sonnenstromfabrik it is the Centrotec Industries division of Centrotec SE; a global organization that has specialized in energy efficient technology for buildings and is represented in over 50 countries.

Offices and plants around the globe.

Centrotherm Eco Systems has a 122,000 square foot production and distribution center located just outside Albany, NY in the Town of Halfmoon. This facility services the United States and Canada. Centrotherm has sister companies operating in The Netherlands, Germany, Belgium, France, the United Kingdom, Italy, China and a distributor network covering Eastern Europe, Russia, the Americas, Australia, and New Zealand. The UCG is jointly headquartered in Doesburg, The Netherlands and Brilon, Germany. 


We are proud manufacturers

Centrotherm produces its InnoFlue® PP Vent Systems and Air Excellent, the new air management system, based on a wealth of technical know-how and accumulated experience. Field proven for over 20 years, Centrotherm products have been installed and are performing successfully in millions of homes across the world

We are partners

Centrotherm supplies its InnoFlue® Polypropylene Vent Systems and accessories to heating professionals through heating and plumbing wholesalers, commercial specification representatives, and OEMs.

In addition to special gas vent systems, Centrotherm Eco Systems designs, produces, and delivers internal componentry to many international high efficiency boiler, tankless water heater, and furnace manufacturers.


Innovation and long-term safety

Relentless attention to customer needs has driven Centrotherm Eco Systems to be the innovation and safety leader in flue gas venting and combustion air technology and Centrotherm continues to focus on “constructing the future” by creating circular building solutions for the generations to come. 

Our industry first milestones

  • ULC-S636 and UL-1738 listed special gas vent system
  • Vent manufacturer to earn ISO 9001:2015
  • North American extrusion of polypropylene vent systems
  • Dedicated air-intake systems
  • 1/4” per foot pitch
  • 10’ effective vent lengths
  • Commercial diameter vent products